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Your one-stop reporting ecosystem for EU Taxonomy and CSRD. Easily measure, disclose and improve your sustainability level with Greenomy's user-friendly ESG reporting tool for companies.

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Verify Your Data

Verify your company data readily available for you within the platform as we consolidate data at the group level, centralizing information from the parent company and the subsidiaries into a unified interface.

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Add Your Activities

Quickly identify and add your economic activities, then follow the flow. You will only see the criteria applicable to you and be supported by our additional information.

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Retrieve Your Report

You are done with your EU Taxonomy screening! Download the official reporting template already filled-out with all computed KPIs, in Excel, PDF, JSON, or XBRL.

Bringing Sustainability to the Heart of your Business

The Greenomy Company Portal is designed to ease, streamline and automate your CSRD and EU Taxonomy reporting.Thanks to our tool, spend less time on spreadsheets and more time on your sustainability initiatives.

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What our customers says

"The Greenomy solution is easy to use. The step-by-step user guide is effective in generating a complete report in line with investors' expectations and the EU Taxonomy."

Jerome chosson

Jérôme Chosson

Corporate & Project Finance - Investor Relations, Akuo

“As a solution provider, SCHUFA supports its corporate clients in meeting regulatory requirements and makes processes efficient, digital and convenient. The SCHUFA ESG Solution powered by Greenomy makes it possible to fulfil the disclosure requirements from the EU Taxonomy Regulation and give business partners a clear overview of the sustainability of their business. This is good for business and good for the environment”

tanja birkholz

Tanja Birkholz

CEO of Schufa Holding AG

“The partnership allows EcoVadis to enrich its sustainability rating platform with regulatory sustainability reporting requirements, including the EU Taxonomy alignment score. This will broaden EcoVadis’ leader position in the sustainability reporting landscape. The partnership will also allow EcoVadis’ clients to fully comprehend their EU Taxonomy alignment, and to identify actions to be taken to improve their sustainability”

pierre-françois thaler

Pierre-François Thaler

Co-founder & co-CEO of EcoVadis

"By connecting to the Greenomy infrastructure, we have not only simplified our task as a bank to comply with the new Sustainable Finance regulations but also improved our customers’ access to green financing.”

Rudi Belli

Rudi Belli

Head of Sustainability at Spuerkeess

“The EU Taxonomy is wildly complicated and near impossible to comply with from a company perspective, but Greenomy helps ease the pain by automating the reporting requirements and providing guidance to companies willing to take the EU Taxonomy seriously. We are grateful for the insights, the understanding and the helping hand Greenomy provided us."

Roel Castelein

Roel Castelein

Corporate Sustainability Manager, Ziegler Group

“We found Greenomy to be engaging, dedicated, and result-oriented throughout the project. There was close cooperation between us and their team, ensuring that the necessary progress was made and the result was according to expectations. We appreciated the no-nonsense approach of Greenomy, focusing on delivering what we expected. ”

Anton Theunynck

Anton Theunynck

Sustainability Manager at TVH

“Using the Greenomy solution enables user-friendly Sustainability Reporting, and improves, in turn, the ESG Data quality. Specifically, the alignment with European regulation illustrates best practices for companies.”

Quentin Stevenart

Quentin Stevenart

Senior Sustainability & Financial Analyst at FIB

"I find that you give off a feeling of mastery, of control over the subjects that you defend and this gives you a lot of credibility."

Head of Sustainable Development  at trafic

Head of Sustainable Development
at Trafic


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