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Driving Transparency in Sustainability Reporting: Akuo Energy's Journey to Achieve EU Taxonomy Alignment with Greenomy

Akuo Energy, an independent global renewable energy power producer and developer, is working with Greenomy to enhance transparency in their sustainability reporting, generating reports compliant with EU Taxonomy and CSRD requirements.


About Akuo Energy

Akuo Energy is an independent global renewable energy power producer and developer, headquartered in Paris, France, with over 350 employees, and a presence in over 15 countries globally. It focuses on energy generation from wind, solar, hydraulics, and biomass. The company is present across the entire value chain, including project development, financing, construction, and operation.

The Challenge

Akuo aims to improve transparency in its sustainability practices as well as comply with annual EU Taxonomy reporting requirements. Their primary goal is to attract private investment towards sustainable corporates, lower their finance costs, and support their business development. As Akuo frequently uses capital markets to raise funds through green bonds, and to continue meeting investors' expectations, they are working towards providing the necessary information for their reporting and investment choices. They are then searching for a solution to provide clarity about their sustainability strategies and commitments, as well as the degree of alignment of their projects with the EU Taxonomy.

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"The Greenomy solution is easy to use. Its step-by-step user guide is effective in generating a complete report in line with investors’ expectations and the EU Taxonomy. The Greenomy solution covers the different elements of the regulation and is ultimately a real time-saver.”

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Jérôme Chosson

Corporate & Project Finance - Investor Relations at Akuo

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The Solution

Greenomy empowers Akuo to meet legal and investors' requirements for transparency and disclosure on sustainability activities with clear and efficient reporting. With our platform, Akuo can effortlessly generate reports that are compliant with the EU Taxonomy and CSRD, which can be shared instantly with asset managers and credit institutions through the platform's ecosystem.

Greenomy's solution saves Akuo time and effort in generating the required sustainability reports, allowing them to focus on their core business activities while fulfilling their ESG reporting obligations.

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