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Greenomy and FIB Catalysing Sustainable Finance with an Innovative Collaboration

The partnership between Greenomy and Finance& (FIB), a cornerstone in Brussels' financial ecosystem, stands as a demonstration of the power of sustainable financing. FIB faced challenges in comprehensively analysing a company's ESG maturity and ensuring uniform data collection. In answer to this, Greenomy and FIB teamed up to launch the Impact Scoring Platform (ISP), an automated sustainable investment tool aligned with European regulations. This collaboration, drawing on Greenomy's ESG reporting proficiency and FIB's extensive impact investment acumen, serves as a compelling illustration of how sustainable investing propels the industry forward.


About Finance & Invest.Brussels

Finance& (FIB) plays a pivotal role in the Brussels Region, acting as the cornerstone in the financing chain for value-driven companies. Their commitment extends beyond financial aid, offering a range of solutions from loans to equity investments, all timed strategically in a company’s lifecycle.

FIB’s dual focus on boosting the economy of the Brussels-Capital Region and on supporting sound commercial management that takes into account financial risks has positioned them as a key player in responsible investing in the region.

The challenge

When investing in companies, FIB faced a twofold challenge. Firstly, the comprehensive analysis of a company’s ESG maturity and practices required a structured framework. While guidelines were in place, the depth and complexity of the subject presented an ongoing challenge. Secondly, the data collection process proved to be a hurdle.

Engaging portfolio companies to provide consistent, homogeneous information often posed difficulties. Some queries demanded substantial effort from the companies, leading to potential gaps in the data.

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“Using the Impact Scoring Platform enables user-friendly Sustainability Reporting, and improves, in turn, the ESG Data quality. Specifically, the alignment with European regulation illustrates best practices for companies.”

Quentin Stevenart

Quentin Stevenart

Senior Sustainability & Financial Analyst at FIB

fib & greenomy

The solution

reenomy and FIB joined forces to introduce the Impact Scoring Platform (ISP), aligned with European ESRS regulations, eliminating administrative burdens and subjective beliefs. The ISP provides a comprehensive assessment of a company’s sustainability maturity, adapting its depthbased on respondent level, revolutionising ESG Data collection.

Greenomy’s solution, supplemented by informative sections and customised guidance from report initiation to completion, enhances its effectiveness ensuring precise, insightful responses. This seamless process reinforces FIB’s commitment to responsible investing. This collaboration showcases how Greenomy empowers organisations in navigating sustainability intricacies, leaving a lasting, positive impact.

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