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Decomplexifying Sustainable Finance: TVH's Success Story with Greenomy

Having skimmed the surface of EU Taxonomy, the leading parts specialist TVH found delving deeper into the complexities of this framework to be a challenge, especially with its 2,500+ data points to report. The difficulty lay in comprehending the mandated reporting, its format, and the required level of detail. This is where Greenomy's expert Advisory team came into play, offering customised guidance that demystified the requirements and rendered the EU Taxonomy more tangible. This collaboration transformed compliance into an opportunity for transparency and sustainability. Read more to explore TVH's transformative journey with Greenomy.


About TVH

Established in 1969, TVH is a leading parts specialist with a database of over 44,000,000 items for material handling, industrial vehicles, and construction/agricultural equipment. Regardless of your location world- wide, TVH is dedicated to ensuring that your equipment runs smoothly. Headquartered in Belgium, they operate from 90 branches worldwide with 4,500 employees.

TVH places a strong emphasis on ESG engagement, with around 20,000 solar panels installed and various environmental awards. They also actively participate in humanitarian projects, showcasing their societal commitment.

The challenge

Though TVH had a good grasp of the basics regarding the EU Taxonomy, it soon became apparent that a deeper understanding was needed for full compliance. With over 2,500 data points to consider, navigating the complexity of the framework was a significant challenge. The key difficulty was in comprehending the mandated reporting, its specific format, and the requisite level of detail needed for compliance.

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“We found Greenomy to be engaging, dedicated, and result-oriented throughout the project. There was close cooperation between us and their team, ensuring that the necessary progress was made and the result was according to expectations. We appreciated the no-nonsense approach of Greenomy, focusing on delivering what we expected.”

Anton Theunynck

Anton Theunynck

Sustainability Manager at TVH

tvh & greenomy

The solution

Our expert Advisory Team provided tailored guidance, as well as context and practical examples, rendering the complex EU Taxonomy more tangible and concrete for TVH. This helped gain a deeper understanding of the nuanced intricacies and dynamics that lie beneath the surface of the framework.

With Greenomy’s guidance, the company not only achieved compliance in generating its report but also seized the opportunity to enhance transparency and promote sustainability.

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