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Mastering EU Taxonomy Reporting: Ziegler's Journey with the Greenomy Company Solution

Ziegler, a global logistics service provider, is working with Greenomy to prepare their first EU Taxonomy exercise. The company faced difficulties in implementing the requirements of Sustainable Finance in practice due to the complexity of the regulation. Discover how Greenomy streamlined the reporting process with its Company Portal and Advisory services.


About Ziegler

Founded in 1908 with headquarters in Brussels, Ziegler Group is a leading global logistics service provider. With over 3,200 employees worldwide, Ziegler operates a close-knit global network with 156 branches in more than 16 countries and partner companies in further 80 countries.

Unlike large global transport groups that operate with an aim for industrialisation, the Ziegler Group has always committed itself to remain at a human scale and family-run business.

This gives them a flexibility that allows them to offer tailor-made services as needed. Their expertise in the transportation of specific products (aeronautics, fashion, wine and spirits, bikes, fairs & exhibitions, dangerous goods, project cargo) and their steadfastness acquired over more than a century of activity makes them a well-known and recognised player in the market.

The Challenge

At Ziegler, the issue was not the understanding of the regulation but its practical application as they were preparing for their first Taxonomy reporting exercise. Ziegler already knew that some of their activities were eligible but was not certain whether they found them all.

Then, the financials could not be collected at a sufficiently granular level, which is a common issue in the transportation sector and therefore, allocation keys needed to be created. Finally, one Taxonomy criterion was particularly painful: the assessment of the climate vulnerability of Ziegler’s assets according to the Do No Significant Harm criterion for climate change adaptation.

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“The EU Taxonomy is wildly complicated and near impossible to comply with from a company perspective, but Greenomy helps ease the pain by automating the reporting requirements and providing guidance to companies willing to take the EU Taxonomy seriously. We are grateful for the insights, the understanding and the helping hand Greenomy provided us.”

Roel Castelein

Roel Castelein

Corporate Sustainability Manager at Ziegler Group

ziegler and greenomy

The Solution

By working with Greenomy, Ziegler is not only able to set their EU Taxonomy reporting strategy in place but also truly master the complexities of the regulation. With the combination of the Greenomy solution and the Greenomy advisory services, Ziegler’s reporting process is eased with the automation of the reporting requirements and with the advice and guidance.

Greenomy helped with valuable insights and benchmarks in the transport industry and even a CRVA (Climate Risk & Vulnerability Assessment) example.

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