The State of Play of the CSRD

Discover how corporates are preparing for the impending CSRD regulation.

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In this survey, we will uncover

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A quick overview of the challenges faced by reporting corporates

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How ESG is being implemented in the companies

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The CSRD Countdown: how are companies preparing for the impending CSRD

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CSRD Readiness: the current state of readiness of internal processes

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How Greenomy can help corporates with their CSRD reporting and accelerate their transition to a more sustainable future

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What is the State of Play of the CSRD?

The implementation of the CSRD in the upcoming months is poised to become a mandatory requirement for a substantial cohort of 50,000 corporations.

These entities will be obligated to commence reporting in January 2025, covering data from the financial year 2024.

With the impending start date looming very near, we wanted to check in with reporting corporates to understand where they stand, how they are preparing, are the processes being impacted but also the true impact that tech solutions can have in helping alleviate the reporting burden.

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