EU Taxonomy Retrospective White Paper

Read our comprehensive analysis of reports from 500+ companies across diverse sectors. Discover valuable insights and benchmarks that can be utilised to enhance your company's sustainability initiatives.

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In this white paper, you will learn about

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EU Taxonomy Eligibility & Alignment: The Current Situation

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EU Taxonomy Eligibility Comparison with Previous Reports

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EU Taxonomy Differences across Industries

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Differences between Countries

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Deep dive: EU Taxonomy At Activity Level

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Greenomy's Tips & Recommendations

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Why a Retrospective on the EU Taxonomy?

The 2023 reporting exercise (on FY 2022) is the second in the EU Taxonomy history, and notably the first that includes alignment, significantly enhancing the depth of the analysis. Through an examination of these reports, we uncover benchmarks that shed light on how businesses align with the EU Taxonomy's criteria and achieve their sustainability goals, as well as emerging trends in sustainability practices and compliance in Europe.

Overall, this data-driven study aids not only in reporting but also in making informed decisions, refining business strategies, and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future.

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