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Greenomy: where AI-Driven Technology and Sustainability Meet

In the rapidly evolving landscape of ESG reporting, Greenomy leads the way with innovative AI-driven solutions. As organisations navigate the complexities of CSRD and EU Taxonomy reporting, our comprehensive AI Advisor, Artemis, revolutionises the compliance journey. From data collection to final report generation, Artemis ensures efficiency and accuracy. Read more to discover the transformative capabilities of your ultimate ESG reporting companion.

Greenomy: where AI-Driven Technology and Sustainability Meet

In the dynamic realm of ESG reporting, where existing standards are ever-changing, new standards continually emerge worldwide, and existing frameworks, such as the CSRD and EU Taxonomy, present ongoing challenges, Greenomy stands at the forefront of innovation. Our AI-driven solutions incorporate cutting-edge technologies to tackle sustainability reporting challenges and streamline the reporting process.

As organisations transition into their second year of reporting under the EU Taxonomy and prepare for CSRD reporting, they face many hurdles including data collection. This is where AI becomes an invaluable ally. At Greenomy, we haven't just created an AI advisor for data collection; we have developed a comprehensive AI Advisor to guide you through every phase of your reporting journey.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that we secured the runner-up prize in the SWIFT Hackathon among world-class contestants. Now, we proudly introduce your ultimate ESG reporting companion, Artemis, the AI ESG Advisor. Artemis will offer heightened efficiency and a contemporary approach to your reporting endeavours.

Let’s discover the different use cases where Artemis can help you.

Your Legislative Advisor

Navigating and comprehending the intricacies of ESG frameworks like CSRD, EU Taxonomy, and others can be a daunting task. These legal texts are not only lengthy and complex, but also constantly evolving. Artemis steps in as your ESG journey's starting point, with its first feature designed to simplify and digest ESG legislative texts, making them easy and manageable through clear explanations that demystify the regulations. By using Artemis, you can also sidestep the laborious process of constant regulatory watch and ensure you stay up to date with concise updates on regulatory texts, saving you time and effort.

A Practical Example

Here is an illustrative example of how Artemis facilitates your understanding of legislation: If you are uncertain whether your activities align with the EU Taxonomy criteria, simply inquire with Artemis, and it will provide you with a straightforward answer. To maintain transparency regarding information sources, Artemis displays a comprehensive list of references at the end of each response. Once you have identified eligible activities under the EU Taxonomy, Artemis goes the extra mile by guiding you through the steps required to assess alignment.

On the other hand, Artemis also helps you with your CSRD reporting. Our bot clearly and accurately answers any queries in no time,  from conducting a Double Materiality Assessment to reconciling fiscal and calendar year discrepancies.

Your CSRD Advisor

Every year, a staggering volume of documents and reports containing crucial ESG data flood the scene. Companies worldwide may have access to this wealth of ESG data, but more often than not, it is scattered across PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, and various other formats, creating a significant challenge for organisations looking to harness its potential. However, Artemis is here to simplify your life!

By merely uploading your documents, whether they are ESG-specific or not, onto our platform, Artemis springs into action. It skillfully extracts the pertinent data and uses it to provide answers to CSRD-related queries, guiding you in the seamless creation of your CSRD report.

A Practical Example

With the CSRD Advisor, you are able to upload your ESG and other reports, e.g. financial or HR reports, and Artemis will capture all the information needed to propose answers to CSRD-related questions and ultimately help you complete your CSRD report. But how does it work in practice? In just a couple of steps, your CSRD compliance gets a head start thanks to Artemis!

  1. Simply give the name of the organisation
  2. Choose and filter the CSRD-related questions that are relevant to you within Artemis’ interface
  3. There is the possibility of using a filter aimed at removing sections of the documents that contain overly generalised sentences. For instance, sentences lacking specific figures or practical actions can be omitted.
  4. Upload the relevant documents and let Artemis work its magic!
  5. Artemis will give you a series of responses based on the documents.

It is also important to note that Artemis will also recognise when it is unable to locate some of the information needed to reply to the questions.

Your Best Practices Advisor

While preparing and generating sustainability reports is a crucial step, it represents just the beginning of a more profound journey. Our ultimate mission is to assist companies not only in measuring their sustainability but also in implementing tangible sustainability initiatives that enhance their overall impact and align with the ambitious net-zero goals set by the commission.

To support you in the pivotal next steps following reporting, Artemis comes into play. You can turn to Artemis to explore what your industry peers are doing to enhance their sustainability efforts. Drawing from a wealth of data gleaned from over 1,000 sustainability reports, Artemis provides detailed analytical insights tailored to your specific needs. With Artemis, you gain access to rich, data-driven insights that simplify the task of staying informed and staying ahead of sustainability trends.

A Practical Example

Suppose you are a car manufacturer seeking to understand how your peers are reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In that case, a simple query to Artemis will yield relevant information. You can further fine-tune your results by specifying the macro sector you wish to focus on or by selecting specific companies from our extensive database if you are interested in your closest competitors' practices.

Alternatively, if you are in search of a comprehensive analysis on a particular topic, you have the option to expand your search query with additional sentences. This approach allows you to gain a broader perspective on the subject, identify key themes, and discern emerging patterns.

By harnessing the power of Artemis, you not only simplify the reporting process but also gain invaluable insights to shape a concrete sustainability strategy for your company. It is a transformative tool that will keep you ahead of the curve and revolutionise your approach to sustainability.

This innovation from Greenomy represents a game-changing approach to managing the ever-expanding universe of data associated with sustainability reporting. With Artemis at your side, you will experience a simplified and systematic method for handling the deluge of data linked to sustainability reporting.

Simplify your Sustainability Reporting with Greenomy

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Greenomy's integration of Generative AI and sustainability provides a glimpse into the future of sustainable practices, revolutionising the reporting process and enabling companies to make informed decisions that align with environmental goals and global sustainability initiatives. As technology continues to evolve, Greenomy's commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions positions them as a leading force in the realm of sustainable development and reporting.

From data collection, thanks to ESG data libraries that seamlessly integrate diverse data sources, to your dedicated AI Sustainability Advisor, Artemis, to navigate best practices from your industry peers and much more, we help you easily achieve ESG compliance.

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