Powering Sustainability: Greenomy Joins Forces with Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Greenomy Partners with Microsoft to Deliver ESG Data and RegTech Solutions to Corporates and Financial Services

Powering Sustainability: Greenomy Joins Forces with Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft envisions becoming the foremost platform provider of technological solutions for environmental challenges, leveraging the full stack of Microsoft technologies and its Sustainability Manager solution.

Greenomy has seamlessly digitized CSRD, EU Taxonomy, and other ESG frameworks, transforming a comprehensive array of sustainable finance reporting frameworks into an intuitive ESG SaaS platform. This platform lends vital support to corporates and financial services institutions in managing ESG data and regulatory reporting. The innovative Greenomy solution not only accelerates reporting by a factor of 7 compared to manual methods but also empowers clients to enhance their overall sustainability focus.

Through collaborative data analytics and AI solutions, organizations gain the ability to translate enhanced data insights into actionable sustainability transition planning and execution.

As one of the first market players to offer an audit-ready CSRD regulatory reporting solution, Greenomy relies on Azure and MSM technologies to provide clients with a full reporting journey, including data collection from various sources, data management and governance. Microsoft supports Greenomy in the ESG data implementation projects via its network of solution partners.

“By teaming up with Microsoft, we are looking forward to helping their clients not only measure their sustainability and comply with ESG regulations but truly set out transition plans for a more sustainable future,” comments Alexander Stevens, CEO of Greenomy.

Laura-Marie Töpfer, Chief Sustainability Officer Western Europe at Microsoft, said, "Together with Greenomy, we're enabling organizations to gain the transparency and insights they need to manage their environmental footprint, embed sustainability through their organization and value chain, and create new value in a changing landscape."

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About Greenomy

Greenomy is at the forefront of ESG reporting solutions, offering global corporations and financial institutions a seamless pathway to compliance with key frameworks, including CSRD, EU Taxonomy, GRI, ISSB, and more. Leveraging our cutting-edge SaaS portal, Greenomy unifies complex regulatory demands into a coherent data model, fortified by ESG data libraries and the power of generative AI. This integration empowers organizations to simplify the creation of comprehensive sustainability reports, allowing ESG teams to focus their resources on driving impactful transformations.

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About Microsoft

At Microsoft, sustainability is at the core of its business, and it has been for more than a decade—extending from optimizing operations to building a community of customers and partners learning and working together to advance their sustainability ambitions. Through collaboration, the delivery of dedicated sustainability solutions, and investments in climate equity and innovation, Microsoft is committed to driving transformation to build the world every person and organization on the planet needs to thrive.

The Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability empowers organizations to accelerate sustainability progress and business growth by bringing together a set of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) capabilities across the Microsoft cloud portfolio plus solutions from a global ecosystem of partners such as Greenomy.


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