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EU Taxonomy Reporting Training Courses

The Greenomy Academy is a free platform aiming to develop organisations' reporting autonomy by educating on EU Taxonomy and other ESG regulations (CSRD, VSME, etc).


Gain a Firm Understanding of the EU Taxonomy and Sustainable Finance

Our comprehensive EU Taxonomy training course helps you develop expertise in this ESG regulation and confidently navigate the corresponding reporting requirements. In only a few hours, delve into the intricacies of sustainable finance, grasp the pivotal role of the EU Taxonomy, and learn seamless implementation and compliance strategies, all while unraveling industry challenges.

Acquire the essential skills to drive your organisation's green transition forward with confidence.

What is the EU Taxonomy?

The EU Taxonomy is a classification system that defines whether an economic activity can be considered environmentally sustainable. It provides assessment criteria for determining sustainable alignment and creates a common language that can be used across sectors and industries, standardizing the meaning of sustainable activity.

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The framework is a core part of the EU’s Action Plan for Sustainable Finance and the EU Green Deal, which seeks to shift capital flows towards sustainability by enhancing transparency and accountability for environmental performance and sustainable investments.

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Embrace EU Taxonomy Reporting as a Strategic Opportunity

Embracing the EU Taxonomy not only sets clear, measurable sustainability goals but also acts as a way to combat greenwashing, ensuring transparent communication of your sustainability endeavors. Additionally, mastering this framework will allow your company to secure green financing, comply with legal requirements, and reduce risks for future threats among others. This facilitates the seamless integration of quantifiable ESG factors into your business strategy.

Ready to take the first step? Start your journey now: Acquire a firm understanding of the EU Taxonomy and its implications through our specialised e-course.

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A Progressively Expanding Scope


Simplified reports, including eligibility for the FY 2021


Reports must include the alignment for the FY 2022


Integration for the 4 new environmental objectives (eligibility only) for FY 2023


Integration for the 4 new environmental objectives (eligibility only) for FY 2024


Expansion of the companies in scope to include the large companies, for the FY 2025


Listed SMEs are required to report on the FY 2026


Simplified reports, including eligibility for the FY 2027


Non-EU companies with subsidiaries/branches in the EU are mandated to report for the FY 2028

Empower your Teams in EU Taxonomy Reporting

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Leverage Greenomy’s Unique ESG Expertise

Our team of experts, including ESG Advisors, Regulatory Experts, and Data Scientists, harnesses their extensive hands-on experience to create high-quality courses tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Showcase your Knowledge with your Official Certificate

Upon completing each e-course, you will receive an official certificate from the Greenomy Academy, easily shareable to establish your authority and credibility within your professional network.

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Build Seamless Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Easily train your entire team with our scalable e-courses, ensuring everyone involved in Sustainability Reporting is equipped with the essential knowledge for seamless cross-departmental collaboration.

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Discover our Other ESG Reporting Courses

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CSRD Reporting Training Courses

In this series of short e-courses, learn the fundamentals of CSRD, how to successfully implement the CSRD through the ESRS, and gain more insights into the Double Materiality and Gap Analysis to reach compliance.

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VSME Reporting Training Course

Learn about the essentials of the Voluntary European Sustainability Reporting Standards (VSME) tailored for non-listed Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in this short e-course.

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